Commercial Tenants

  • Details of all relevant documents filed at Companies house. Including full accounts filed where available.
  • Details of any County Court Judgement (CCJ) or Court Decree (CD) at current and previous business addresses (if applicable) including amount of judgement and date.
  • Details of any Liquidations or Receiverships or any other credit information of detrimental nature
  • Verification of current Director's details.
  • Report, if applicable, from current/previous Managing Agent or Landlord to include length of tenancy, amount and promptness of rental payments, details of any dilapidation's, and whether tenancy was conducted in a satisfactory manner.
  • Report from 2 Business Referee's
  • Reports from an Accountant and/or Solicitor where provided
  • An assessment of credit worthiness of the Company.
  • Applicants contacted direct with any queries in order to improve speed and efficiency and to reduce the workload of your own staff.